Beauty YouTubers You Need in Your Life

Laura Cofrancesco

Maybe you just picked up a contour brush for the first time. Maybe this is your fifth makeup appointment of the day. No matter what your makeup level is (pro or beginner) there are some people you need to BFF in your life, and these people are Carli, Shani, Bunny, and Leigh Ann. AKA some of the best beauty YouTubers to follow ever. I'm definitely not ashamed to admit I've been following them for years.
Carli Bybel
I know, right? Her makeup!!! *heart eye emoji* As a former makeup artist, Carli knows tips and tricks for literally everything. I swear she's tested every product known to man. If you have any beauty questions from "How do I pick the right night cream?" to "How do I contour my nose?" she's got your back. I even cut my own hair thanks to her (yes, there's a video on that, too). Carli is seriously a makeup know-it-all in an amazing way! She uploads new makeup looks constantly; what more could you want? Bonus: She loves fashion; I want her entire wardrobe (check out her blog, and she has two beyond adorable little kitties.
Shani Grimmond
I haven't even met this chick and yet I want to be her best friend. Shani is a little ball of sunshine from down under with so much energy you can't help but smile. She has no filter, which means honest reviews on products (score!). Unlike most makeup videos, Shani's don't intimidate me. Who knew blending shadow could look so effortless? If you're not watching her videos yet, you're seriously missing out.
grav3yardgirl AKA Bunny
Oh, Bunny. Ever since I saw a "Does This Thing Really Work" video for the NoNo, I was hooked. If you're looking for makeup looks, beauty tips, laughing until you cry, and gallons of tea, then you've come to the right channel my friend. Bunny is unlike any typical makeup artist on YouTube you've ever seen, and it's mostly due to her huge personality (and this means tons of unique makeup tutorials). And if you haven't seen any of her "Does This Thing Really Work?" videos, please do, they are hysterical. Join the Swamp Family!
Maybe I love Leigh Ann so much because I can relate to her in so many ways. Or maybe I love Leigh Ann because we share the same sense of humor. Okay, there are many reasons why I love Leigh Ann, but the main reason? She uploads many many drugstore hauls. I don't know about you, but I am an affordable makeup queen. I like to know what brands work, and which ones aren't worth my money, and Leigh Ann does the dirty work for me. For those of you who love high end makeup too- don't fret; she loves Too Faced and Tarte as much as the next girl. You go, Leigh Ann.

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