You Can Do Floral

Laura Cofrancesco

Some of us love floral prints; we go to work in floral, sleep in floral, dream floral. But then there are those have sworn it off. "It's too girly," you might say, or "I don't want to look like a grandma!" Well fear no more, floral haters. This is a print for everybody.
Too girly for you? Wear a small floral piece (like a blouse or skirt) with leather or black for some edge. Still too sweet? Pair the outfit with chucks or boots.
Choosing a print that doesn't scream floral is a good place to start. Barely there flowers look pretty and dainty, but aren't dramatic. Add distressed jeans for a casual look.
What can make you look grandma-ie? A dull colored typical floral dress. Think circle skirts and A-line... These are a no-go. What you need is a unique silhouette, like the swing dress pictures above. This is young, fresh, fun, not to mention comfy!
Pastel florals are boring. Choose a bold vibrant print for an instant mood brightener! 
Too scared to take the floral print plunge? Choose something small to complement your outfit like shoes, a manicure, or a bangle in a floral print. 

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