Little Blog of Beauty Horrors

Laura Cofrancesco

Some products should come with a warning like, "Hey don't buy me, I'm a crappy product! I'll cake up your skin and break you out!" If I had seen that label, I could have saved myself money, and my skin from damage. But I guess that's why beauty bloggers and makeup gurus are here.
When I think of all the drying lotions, sticky foundations, and chalky blushes I've bought, it brings a tear to my eye. But like horrible exes, you have to cut the ties and shrug them off. Learn from your mistakes! Now you know NOT to mess with that one. 
Here's a list of my makeup horrors...
Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation and Primer
Unlike the Stay Matte powder, I highly suggest you don't try the foundation or primer. The primer seemed to go on fine, but once it dried, there was a noticeable white chalky residue left on my face. I put the foundation on, thinking the wet formula would cancel out the white, but it ended up being even worse. It accentuated every single pore, creased in frown lines, and didn't soak into the skin. It just sat on top really thick; it felt horrible! I even tried it with a different primer, but it didn't matter. 
Yes to Blueberries Towelettes
Since moist towelettes are the only thing I use to take off makeup at night, I've tried almost every brand you can think of. These are by far the worst. These do a sub-par job at getting off mascara; they would probably do a better job if they were more moist (definitely on the drier side). Because they were so dry, they were scratchy on my face. Even after all visible traces of makeup were off, I'd wash my face and see even more the towelettes had missed. One minor thing: they don't smell like yummy blueberries; more like the yucky cough syrup you tried avoiding as a child. Avoid these too!
Schwarzkopf Shampoo and Conditioner
If this is repairing my hair, I'm not feeling it. Instead, it's left my once luscious locks feeling dry, brittle, and course. I don't care for the smell either.
Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner
Do you know why it's called 24/7 liner? Because I don't. Clearly it's not 24/7; more like 2/7. I'd heard so many people rave about how great this liner was, but when I tried it for myself, I was disappointed. Just like any other liner, it started melting down the corners of my eyes after only a couple hours. By the end of the day, it was barely visible. Why pay $20 for that?
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream
I don't know what it is about this product. The creaminess? The texture? Whatever it is, it doesn't do it for me. I can't tell if it's supposed to be like a liquid lipstick, because it's not quite that. Or is it like a gloss, but matte? I feel like it's something in between. It goes on moussey, takes forever to dry, and when it finally does, it's too dry and quickly fades. Try again, NYX?
Hopefully these reviews help you make the right decision this time!

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