DIY Flower Crown

Laura Cofrancesco

Music festivals, weddings, parties, Snapchat, the beach... Yep you've seen flower crowns pretty much everywhere.  Isn't it time you had one? But don't bother with buying an expensive one at the mall. DIY one yourself! It will be way cheaper, and you can customize it the way you want.
What you'll need:
Thin wire
Green florist tape
Leaf garland
Flower garland
Scissors or wire cutters
Step 1: Snip the leaf and flower garlands into smaller pieces (5-6 inches). This will make it easier to piece together.
Step 2: Using the wire, wrap it around your head and take note of how big it needs to be. leave a couple extra inches of wire to wrap around itself to close the crown.
Step 3: Start placing the leaf garland pieces where you want them. Attach them to the crown by wrapping wire around it.
Step 4: Make sure the garland is secure to the crown. Wrap tape around the exposed wire so it blends in.
Step 5: Add the flower garland pieces to the crown with wire.
Step 6: Cover exposed wire with tape.
Step 7: When you've filled your crown with as much flowers and leaves as you want, snip off any long wires.
Step 8: Wrap tape around the wire ends you just snipped so it doesn't poke your head while wearing it!
Now throw on your new customized flower crown and take some selfies! 

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