Tame Your Uni(brow)

Laura Cofrancesco

Have unruly brows? Need a How-to guide? Look no further, I got ya covered.
Start with out-of-control eyebrows. How did they get so wild? Is there any hope for your baby unibrow? Yes. Yes there is.
You will need a straight edge, whether that's a ruler, a pen, whatever you have. Make one end of your straight edge touch the outer edge of your nose, and the other end straight up through your brow. Use eye liner to make a dot. This is where your brow should start.
Now use your straight edge to go from the middle of your eye and up through your brow, and mark that. This is where your arch should be. 
The last line should start at the edge of your mouth to the corner of your eye and up (mark it!). This is where the tail of your brow should end.
Next connect the dots! (The green lines.) This will help to show the shape of your brow.
These are some of the common eyebrow shapes. Some are thicker than these, and some are thinner. Top left: Slight arch. Middle left: Straight. Bottom left: High arch. Top right: Rounded. Bottom right: End arch.
Once you figure out what shape you have, start tweezing! Pluck outside of the lines that you drew. You can decide how thick or thin you want your new brows to be. Tweeze some unruly strays on the bottom. Do you have really long brow hairs? Using a tiny brow comb or spooly, brush your hairs straight up. Trim long hairs with manicure scissors so they fall inside the lines you drew.
All done! Wipe off the lines on your face and take a look at your new tamed and beautiful brows. #browsonfleek
If you get tweezer happy and have barely any brows left, don't freak out! They will grow back (I promise), and in the mean time, fill them in with an eyebrow pencil!

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