Fresh Summer Makeup

Laura Cofrancesco

Do you want your face melting off this summer? I think not. It's almost that time again to ditch the heavy greasy foundation and swop it for something as light and airy as your favorite summer dress.
Your Face
You need to moisturize it! Hydrated skin is happy skin and happy skin is healthy skin. Extra points if your moisturizer has SPF; protect your money maker so you don't look old and wrinkly later in life (more importantly it protects against skin cancer).
Your Foundation
Ditch that sucker, you won't need it. Heavy foundation will only oil down your face, slide off, and overall just feel yucky. Pick up a light BB or CC cream, a powder formula, or even better, a tinted moisturizer. Sometimes once you get tan enough you can skip this step altogether. I don't know about you, but when I get tan it evens out my skin tone and hides blemishes.
What concealer? Unless you honestly really super need it, ditch this too. The less layers the better.
It's totally okay to skip blush on most warm summer days, but sometimes it's fun to spice things up. Powders are my favorite in the heat. Don't underestimate the power of a mauvey pink blush on tan skin!
Duh! Summer is prime bronzing season! Key spots for the most natural look? Dust some on where the sun naturally hits your face: Tops of cheeks, chin, nose, forehead. Don't go overboard; a little goes a long way and no one wants a full bronze face.
Leave them alone! Okay, if your brows are nonexistent, you can touch them up a bit. The more natural looking the better, no sharpie brows here!
If you want to go naked, at least swipe on a lip balm with SPF. Yes your lippies need to be protected too. Want some color? Lip butters are (think juicy moisturized lips and the perfect hint of color). 
Waterproof everything is your best friend, especially mascaras. Black eyeliner is so last season (literally). Go for a cool blue or a pastel shade! Apply on top lid for a classic look or on your waterline for something more daring.  
It gets hot. Really hot. Keep a face spray in your purse to mist yourself when you feel faint. My favorites: Mario Badescu Facial Spray and Evian Facial Water Spray.
Now you're ready to brave the heat and not look like your face is melting off! Happy Summer!

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