Baby, It's 35 Degrees Outside

Laura Cofrancesco

You may have told everyone how ecstatic you are that it's finally fall, you're favorite season. It's the perfect time of year for apple cider, pumpkin picking, and colorful hikes. But now the temperatures are slowly creeping downward. You take an extra couple minutes in your car building up courage before you have to brave the cold. Emily wants to drag you to a haunted house, at night, when the air gets to below 40. 55 you can handle, but 40 degrees? You text her "I have five tests tomorrow" as Netflix flashes on your laptop, cuddled between you, a blanket, and ten pillows. Maybe fall wasn't such a good idea after all.

Yeah it's freezing, but don't Netflix away the next five months! Text Emily your "tests" can wait, and head into your closet. When you put on enough layers the weather will be more tolerable, and you don't have to look like Randy in A Christmas Story. But if you want to look like that, go ahead. I won't stop you.

  The warmest and most sensible thing to wear would be pants, just add some insulation. Leggings under jeans will keep you extra toasty, especially if they're the thick knitted type. Caution: Depending on the tightness of your jeans, you might have to do a little dance/ workout to get them on. Not cute enough for you? Break out your ripped jeans and pair them with fishnets or tights underneath. Don't be afraid of going colorful, burgundy tights would be #sofall.

Avoid looking frumpy by layering shirts from lightest underneath to heaviest on top. Example: Tank top or cami, t-shirt, button-up, sweater, and coat. Denim or plaid button-up tops are adorable layered under a heavy sweater, just let the collar and sleeves pop through. Don't pack away your sheer blouses from summer; you can layer those too by letting the bottom peek out of a sweater!

You can still wear dresses and skirts too, but avoid those shorter than mid-thigh (unless you want a nice little booty draft). Make it cozy with some cute knee-high socks, a pair of tall boots, and leggings. When in doubt, leggings. Always. In fact, if you really really still want to wear leggings as pants in freezing temps, don't stop at one pair; layer your leggings. You'll thank me later.

There is an abundance of #totesadorbs hats and gloves out at this time of year, and it's a perfect excuse to go shopping. Scarves will be your BFF on chilly nights, I suggest paying Charlotte Russe a visit; they have the best scarves and for only $5! Pass it on.

More great layering pieces to invest in:

  • Vests
  • Knee-length coats
  • Head wraps
  • Leg Warmers
  • Thermal undies (just kidding)

 Now that you have your warm, cozy (but still adorably chic) outfit planned, hurry up! Emily's waiting for you, and tell Netflix to chill. You'll be back later.



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