The Metallic Burst Clutch Unlocked

Laura Cofrancesco

There are so many unique options to choose from on Style-House, but you have to ask yourself... What do I wear with it? Countless times I've found a crazy looking dress, purse, or neon yellow shoes that I absolutely loved, but I didn't buy it, simply because I didn't know what to wear it with. For times like those, I wish I had a stylist with me to show me what to pair with a skull printed orange blouse-- because I had no clue. All I knew was that it was the most adorable uncommon looking shirt I've seen yet. I still wish I would've bought it.

So this is for you; your ultimate style guide specifically for all the rare pieces found on Style-House. Once a month a new piece will be unlocked where you can see multiple ways to style it. Happy shopping, styling, and go ahead and add those bizarre pieces to your wardrobe!

Look #1: Pops of Color

The Metallic Burst clutch has so many colors in it, it can be hard to choose which one you like best. So choose multiple! Wearing a bright dress and shoes in completely different colors will compliment the clutch and put you in a happy mood. The brighter the better, have fun with it! Destination: Night out with the girls, Birthday celebration

Look #2: Risque Nude

Make the clutch, and your legs, the star. Contrast the metallic shine with a nude dress to really make it stand out. With a short hemline, the attention gets drawn to your toned legs you've been wanting to show off. Add heels for a bit of height (and it lengthens the legs) or go with flats for a more comfortable option during the day. Destination: Bar-hopping, running errands (with flats of course), lunch date

Look #3: Not so Serious

Spice up your work attire with the right clutch. Adding a colored leather jacket ups the intrigue and popping a blazer on top makes it office appropriate. Shed your blazer at the end of your day for some cocktails with your coworkers. Cheers! Destination: The office, drinks with friends, business meeting

Look #4: Sunday Funday

Running errands isn't the most exciting part of the day, but make it a little bit brighter with the perfect outfit. Just because the clutch has a crazy cool pattern doesn't mean you have to go with solids-- Mix and match! A color-blocked shirt and striped flats make a lively combination. Don't be shy! Destination: Grocery shopping, family dinner, watching the game (oh joy)

Look #5: Supa Cas'

AKA Super Casual. This is the perfect outfit for those days you have no idea what to wear. Throw this on when you're in a rush but still look put-together. It's that simple! The colorful clutch pulls everything together. Without it, it's a plain Jane ensemble. Destination: Running late for class, I scheduled a haircut today???

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