The Forever Lost Hair Tie Hack

Laura Cofrancesco

You went to Walmart and bought a 100 pack of hair ties. You told yourself you WOULD NOT lose them. And yet here you are one week later, playing Where in the World Did My Hair Tie Go because it's impossible to workout with your hair down, and you're supposed to leave for the gym in five minutes. Just great. Where do these hair ties and bobby pins go? There must be a colony of tiny people in your room (borrowers, if you will) who only steal your paramount hair accessories. There's no other reasonable explanation.

Here's an easy DIY solution, even for those who claim to not be crafty; it's extremely easy. You know all those glass jars and plastic tubs that are left after you use up moisturizer or your favorite under-eye cream? Don't toss it. Instead, use them to store those disappearing hair extras or any other little cosmetic items. The possibilities are endless; Q-Tips, makeup sponges, bobby pins, nail art-- you get the idea. Now you can keep them organized and all in one place.

All you have to do is peel off any labels; alcohol works really well to remove sticky residue. Then wash out the container and you're ready to start stuffing them with beauty supplies! Hot glue two or more jars together for one large organizer. You don't have to leave them plain either; decorate them to match your room by painting them and super gluing on gemstones and ribbon. Personalize it how you want!

A place for everything, and everything in it's place. May you always have an abundance of hair ties.

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