Style Fashion Night Out Runway Show

Laura Cofrancesco

In case you missed it, Style-House was the lead accessories designer for the Style Fashion Night Out runway show for O'Mak Designs. And... it was fabulous. Models, ASA dancers, local musicians, and many more gathered at the Embassy of Nigeria for a night of celebrating fashion. The designer of O'Mak, Uche Ibezue, showcased her Spring/Summer and Winter/Fall collections entitled "I Am She." Model after model strutted down the runway in the most vibrant, exciting designs, and to top it all off, they were bedecked with gorgeous accessories from your very own Style-House.

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Some of the models in O'Mak Designs

Some of the models in O'Mak Designs







Designer Uche Ibesue closing the show

Model wearing Style-House poncho

She's on the poster! #famous

Caught on Style_House Snapchat: Backstage with the models

Model wearing Style-House poncho

Models wearing O'Mak Designs and Style-House accessories

Models wearing O'Mak Designs

Model wearing O'Mak Designs, Clutch by Style-House (I want it so bad...)

Dress: O'Mak Designs, Feather Crown: Style-House

The Designers! Shamaya House of Style-House, Uche Ibezue of O'Mak Designs, and Mannie Toraz, Creative Director

Hey it's me! Your Fashion and Beauty Blogger for Style-House ;) Of course I had to pose #workit

Part of the Style-House team! Me, Shamaya, and Kashiara, Style Design Intern. It was a blast!

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