Get the Thanksgiving-itis in Style

Laura Cofrancesco

If you're trying to go on a diet, this is NOT the time. It's the season of one holiday right after the other and this Thursday is  Thanksgiving. Which means mountains of potatoes (savory and sweet), at least ten different sides to choose from (my favorite is green bean casserole), plates of pies and cookies, and of course, turkey. After you finished your hour and a half long chomp fest, the "itis" sets in. You know the itis; you ate wayyyy too much so you start to get sleepy, maybe even nap for a while.

You not only want to eat your best this Thanksgiving, you want to look your best too. Tons of pictures will be taken, and you'll want to post some selfies on Instagram. So, here are some outfits ranging from super comfy and casual (aka lots of room for a food baby) to fancy from head to toe. Happy Thanksgiving and eat lots of turkey!

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