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Laura Cofrancesco

What's that best thing about the holidays? The sales. There's nothing I love more than going Black Friday shopping and seeing those magical 70% off signs. My weakness is a great gift with purchase and I'm a sucker for adorable gift sets- especially from Victoria's Secret and Ulta. Festive Christmas decorations and cheerful holiday music everywhere make shopping even more enjoyable. If you get buyer's remorse, you can avoid it with holiday shopping. You can still shop your heart out and it will be okay no matter how much you spend because they're gifts for friends and family. Look at you, being a giving person. Or if you're like me, you intend on giving all those cute items to other people, but end up keeping 50% (or more) for yourself. I told you I can't resist gift sets.
Black Friday is great, but for those of you who hate crowds, Cyber Monday is where it's at. You get to stay inside cuddled in your PJ's with a yummy glass of wine while you shop. Nothing is better than that. Style-House is having an awesome Cyber Monday deal that I might have to take advantage of myself; it starts midnight on Monday! The first four people who spend over $25 on will also receive one matte lipstick, one lip pencil, and one pair of lashes. You'll be getting multiple gifts with purchase (swoon). Have you seen how fab Shamaya House looks in these pictures? If you wanna get the same chic look, just go to for the full tutorial.
So have fun shopping, babes, and stay warm!

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  • Your hair is popping in this shoot! I love the photos.


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