Laura Cofrancesco

Honestly? Your man's nails are looking rough. What do you do? You can't ask him to go get a manicure. He'll either laugh that off or get offended. "People will think I'm gay," he says. "My bros will laugh at me," he says. But you're the one suffering here! When he holds your hand his scratchy callused palms are uncomfortable. It would be romantic when he tucks your hair behind your ear, but the moment is ruined when a hangnail scratches you in the face. Ouch. His hands are just not too nice to look at, lets face it. He has the definition of man hands. The solution? Give him his very own personal secret "Man"icure! The bros don't have to find out.
You don't want to freak him out. Don't even call it a manicure. Just say something like "Hey babe, I wanna do something nice for you. I know you're working hard all day and don't have a lot of time to pamper yourself." Offer to clean up his nails and tell him you'll finish with a hand massage. If you act like his hands are gross, he'll probably be offended.
Set the mood by putting on a football game or something he wants to watch. Make sure he feels comfortable, and assure him you won't actually paint his nails.
Now it's time to start:
  1. Buff his hands with any exfoliant like a sugar scrub, let his hands sit in water for a few minutes, and rinse off. Dry his hands.
  2. Push back those cuticles! They're probably atrocious.
  3. Buff the surface of the nails like you normally would do to your own. Get rid of all those ridges on the nail bed!
  4. Trim the nails, and file down so they're nice and smooth. You don't want any rough edges.
  5. If he wants, paint the nails clear, although some guys might be too scared. I would give my friends manicures, and after a while they preferred clear polish. Even they admit it looks cleaner!
  6. Finish up with giving your man a nice hand massage while you rub in some lotion.
  7. Ta da! His "Man"icure is complete and his nails look fab. Just don't say that to him or he'll freak. Man hands are never "fab."
Your guy may have been resistant to this beauty treatment, but I swear he'll be asking for another one soon. He might even tell his friends about it!
Even the manliest of men need a manicure every once in a while!

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