Heels are Actually Your BFF

Laura Cofrancesco

Heels. You either love them or you hate them. But honestly, why do you really hate them? They're so freaking fabulous, each pair is unique in their own way. You can never own just one pair. They make your booty look great, your legs look long and slender, they accentuate your calves, and they add some inches to you shorties out there! But "they're hard to walk in," you say. "My feet hurt!" You know what I'm hearing? Blah blah blah, a bunch of complaining. The real problem is you most likely don't know how to properly walk in them and you don't know which pair best suits you. Let Laura, your Heel Guru help!
The first step is finding the right pair you're most comfortable in. Do you find heels hard to walk in? Go with a wedge! I dont't know about you but i could run a marathon in those. Maybe you're super tall and only want to add a couple inches (instead of five)? Find a cute kitten heel- yes they do exist. If you're a heel pro like me, you most likely have every type of heel in your closet.
Next, learn the ins and outs of heel wearing. Be smart about it! If you know your feet get sore fast and your brothers wedding is 8 hours long... bring flats to change into. Dr.Scholl will be your new best friend! He makes tiny little flats that fold so small you can tuck them into a clutch! Pick up some Dr.Scoll For Her heel inserts... they seriously make any pair way more comfy. Even my six inch, 2 inch platform spiked heels (the pair I'm smooching, above). Both of these life savers can be found at Walmart.
Practice. If you're feeling adventurous and bought a pair of five inch black leather pointed toe beauties, don't be scared to break them in. The more you walk in heels, the more comfortable and less nervous you will be. Slide those babies on and go about chores around the house like you normally would. Before you know it you'll be running up the stairs in them!
Which leads to the last thing... walking. You don't want to look like a bow legged hobbling hot mess. I've seen plenty of those. The key is to always walk heel to toe. It can be tempting to let your heel and toe make contact with the floor at the same time. Don't do this, you'll definitely fall on your face and look like you're marching. Let the heel make contact first, then your toes. You'll glide easily and gracefully with some practice. Then pretend you're walking on a straight line on the ground  (like a sobriety test). Putting one foot right in front of the other will make walking so much easier.
Now you're ready! Don't be scared of heels, you whimp. They're a girls best friend!

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