Make Fitness Your Mistress

Laura Cofrancesco

Let me guess, your New Years resolution was to lose weight, or get in shape, or something along those lines. I'm not going to tell you it's an impossible task that you should just give up. Don't!  Contrary to popular belief you can accomplish this goal. The key to it is: go at your own pace and set a realistic goal. In other words, don't tell yourself you'll lose 50 pounds in three months. Seriously? Ain't nobody got time for that. Sure, it's definitely a great goal to be sure. In the beginning you'll diligently go to the gym every day. But you will only set yourself up for failure. You'll be discouraged seeing you only lost 5 pounds in one month, and eventually you'll throw in the towel. Don't let this happen to you. Again. (Come on, you probably make losing weight your resolution every year).
What's your goal? It can be losing 50 pounds. Maybe you want to run a 5K. Whatever it is, make sure it's something YOU want, not something other people expect of you. The general goal is to make yourself happy.
Make it realistic. Unless you have your own personal trainer to coach you every day, you probably won't be able to lose 50 pounds in three months or less. Is there a specific event you want to lose weight for? Make that day your goal date (if it's far ahead in the future). Now is the perfect time to start working out for that beach body you've always wanted. You'll  have five whole months to get to your goal (bikini season starts in June). Push yourself, but not the point where you'll get discouraged. If you lose five pounds each month-that's awesome! By June you will have lost 25 pounds. Just think about that.
There's no need to rush. I've found that when I try to rush my fitness goals, I burn out quickly. It should be an enjoyable, rewarding experience. It will only be stressful if you freak out because you only lost two pounds instead of five. Whatever you lose, it's still an accomplishment! At the end of the day, you're in better shape than when you first started! Always remind yourself of that if you get discouraged. You can't reach your goals overnight.
Save your money for a new bikini. You don't need a fancy shmancy expensive gym membership! You can get in shape for little to no money. There are apps you can download that count your steps- this is an easy, free way to exercise! Take walks or jogs around your neighborhood or a park. Pick up some five pound dumbbells from Walmart for a few bucks to work those muscles. Check online for free fitness plans and videos. If you really need a gym, see if there's a Planet Fitness in your area. I just signed up and they have memberships starting at $10 a month!
Bring a friend on your journey. I tend to work out harder when I have a friend with me. Come on, who wants to look lazy in front of other people (not me)! Ask your friend to be your gym buddy and coordinate a day at least once a week where you can workout together. Better yet, find a close friend you want to share your journey with! Plan a date you both want to meet your individual goals. Have him or her send you workout texts to keep you accountable. They'll make sure you don't skip a gym day! After you've reached your goal, you can both celebrate with a bikini shopping trip!
Set reminders. Maybe you want to look how you did in high school. Find an old picture of yourself at your goal weight, and put it as your phone background. This way you'll stay motivated and be reminded of what you want. NEVER put someone elses picture as your background. I know you might really want Jessica Alba's abs, but come on. That will only make you envy someone elses body, and it's just unrealistic.
Relax. I mean, don't really relax, work out that booty! What I mean is don't stress about it. The whole point is you're making yourself happy by reaching your fitness goal. Every once in a while, take a day off to enjoy where you're at in your journey. Each pound lost and each step ahead is a victory!

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