Affordable Beauty Products You Need!

Laura Cofrancesco

I'm not going to ask the cliche question "Do you want amazing products that don't break the bank?" because obviously the answer to that is: Yes! So, read on, my friend.
#1 Wet'nWild Megalast Matte Lipsticks
I will forever and always recommend these lipsticks. Cross my heart and hope to die. You will not, I repeat, will not find better, more affordable lipsticks. Every time I wear these, I get compliments. The formula is super creamy, it lasts a long time (you only need a touch-up after eating), and each one is extremely pigmented. Don't worry about finding the right shade, because there are 26 colors to choose from (*victory dance*). The best thing about these? They're under $2. Which means, go ahead and buy the whole collection without feeling guilty. I did.
#2 Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater
Thank you. Thank you Mario Badescu for making fabulous products I can actually afford. I could rave about almost all of their products, but my favorite is the face spray. This little baby is only $7 and it's a big-time multi-tasker. Feeling dehydrated? Mist yourself. Need to set your makeup? Mist yourself. Have blotchy red skin? Mist yourself. My skin is definitely not the best (hello big pores and uneven skin tone), but ever since I've been using this I've seen a huge improvement. I actually feel comfortable with no makeup on now. It's a divine spray that smells amazing and leaves my face feeling refreshed and moisturized. Five stars Mario!
#3 Hard Candy Shine-Free Primer
Don't waste $20 or more on an expensive primer when you can get the same thing for way cheaper. Pop in to Walmart and grab some Hard Candy instead! It's $8 and works especially well with oily skin like mine. Kiss your pores goodbye and don't look back.
#4 Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter
Seriously? I didn't know it was possible to fall in love with a skin product but... I guess it is. Because I've fallen hard. You know when you have dry, scaly alligator skin? No? Just me? Well I've tried every lotion known to man and nothing has worked that great until I met this miracle product. That might sound extreme but it's the truth. Not only does it leave my skin smooth as a baby's tushie, it smells like... like heaven times a billion. It smells so beautiful I don't even need to put perfume on. You're missing out on life if you don't try it.

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