Look Smokin' for your Valentine

Laura Cofrancesco

Chocolates. Cards. Kisses. Hearts. Yep, you've been seeing a lot of these lately which can only mean... Valentines Day is right around the corner! If you're like me, you just want to skip this day. I've probably had one good Valentines Day in my 24 years. Maybe you haven't had any, and that's okay. You can share a glass of wine with me while we watch He's Just Not that into You for the billionth time. But many of you lucky people actually have a date for Valentines Day, and you can't decide what to wear. Well, I can't help you with that (maybe something sexy?), but I can give you some makeup looks! Grab some chocolates and check them out below:
What would Valentines Day be without a red lip? Pretty boring. This is the classic way to go; you can't go wrong. He won't be able to stop staring at your juicy lips- which means lots of kisses for you! Pair it with  a sexy cat eye.
Want to bring attention to your eyes? Go smoky. Don't think you have to go with plain black. Purple brings out green eyes and brown makes blue eyes pop! Swipe on nude lipstick for a classy look. Bring on the fringe! Thick dramatic lashes compliment smoky eyes perfectly.
Want a sweet look that's not so bold? Neutral eyeshadow in a champagne shade will add some sparkle without going overboard. You can choose to add a cat eye and false lashes, the choice is yours. Nude or soft pink lipstick pulls this look together.


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