Why are Chokers a Thing?

Laura Cofrancesco

I can't be the only one who hates this trend.
If you grew up in the 90's then you remember these chokers (and their matching bracelet sidekicks). If you were cool in elementary school, you had at least one of these chokers, along with heeled sketchers. (Refer to picture below.)
Although I never got those coveted sneakers, regardless of the countless times I begged my mom to buy them for me (I wanted the purple holographic ones), I had bajillions of chokers. Multiple black ones (in case I lost them), a pink one, a clear one, a brown one, and even the most sought after of them all... a rainbow choker. I know, I was so cool.
Then about a year ago I saw a high school kid wearing one. "Okay," I thought, "She's probably just wearing it as a joke." That's what i assumed, until I saw more, and more, and more 90's chokers popping up everywhere. What is going on?!
My big question is: How can anyone around my age take this as a serious fashion trend? Don't you remember these as an elementary school fashion statement? I can understand younger people who are seeing these chokers for the first time wearing them. But all you 90's babies look ridiculous. I don't understand how grown women can wear child's jewelry. The next thing I know everyone will be wearing stick-on earrings!
Ladies. Can we please make these 90's chokers go away? It's not a good look. Donate yours to a young girl in need of age appropriate jewelry (can it even be categorized as jewelry?), because it's not appropriate for you.


  • I agree that people are entitled to wear what they want and to express themselves, but people also are entitled to their own opinions. I agree with Laura, please leave the chokers in the nineties.

    Victoria E

  • Thank you for your concern, Amy! In my blogs I state my opinion, whether it’s positive or negative. Reader responses are always encouraged! See you soon!

    Laura C.

  • Personally, I feel as though everyone should wear what they like. Chokers, short shorts, ect. I myself do not wear chokers or short shorts, but that is what is wrong with this world. People like yourself put others down for what they like to wear. Everyone should be free to be who they want to be. Wear what they want to wear. Some people may look at what you and not like what you wear. Instead of wasting a blog post on telling people what isn’t “in” according to you(like anyone cares about your opinion) you should be uplifting and empowering.

    Amy C

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