About Us

 Shamaya H. Owner & Lead Designer

 Frustrated by the mundane feathers and bows on the average shelf, Style-House began in 2011 in Baltimore MD.


Determined to find just the perfect pieces to make her outfit pop and match her appreciation for the timeless essence of vintage pieces, Shamaya began creating accessories that caught the eye of friends and family and soon she had acquired a small client base. This led her to begin marketing and selling pieces to co-workers and class mates making a name for herself.

Style-House now carries Women and Men Jewelry and Accessories, including earrings, bracelets, necklaces, handbags, and hats. Style-House also caters to the Entertainment and Production industries with its TamaraMaxine Collection. This collection offers over the top designs that can be used for stage plays, movies, videos, performances, etc.


Customer satisfaction is always top priority as each and every client feels stylish and confident with their purchase.


Style-House is not only concerned with the fashion forward, we will continue to also give back with its yearly Fundraiser for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, March of Dimes and making contributions to local organizations and charities.

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